Miss Victoria's School for Girls

*~*~* GRADUATION *~*~*

OMGOSH! that was so not what I wanted graduation to end as but SOOOOOOO exciting!
the ceremony was almost perfect but vicky forgot the flowers for the stage. I almost just lost it but it was fine. Everyone had a great time and Brit and Sassy looked AMAZING! but MissVictoria seemed …idunno. off. she was super preoccupied. i guess that visitor the other day really shook her up. the cute little monk dude. with the awkward boys. but when we went up to get our diploma, MissVictoria used her magic to speak inside my mind! I played it cool but BritBrit was so confused. but I was so happy to find out that MissVictoria had picked all three of us to go on a special adventure and we were to meet in her room after the reception. OH! that’s right! i forget to thank vicky and the other girls for the getting everything together for the reception! it was so nice, i wish we could have stayed longer to say HI to everyone but Brit was already druuuunk and i was really curious about meeting with MissVictoria. I has to pull Sassy away from the other cheerleaders they were all sobbing since she was graduating. anyways, we were walking over to MissVictorias when we heard a HUGE crash!!!!!!!!
Brit and i rushed it and MissVictoria was surrounded by MONSTERS!! 0.0
luckily Toots was walking by and she rushed in to too help. ANd we needed it, I love her to death, but BritBrit was as useless as a drunk dansylion! I was able to hold my own while I could ascertain if MissVictoria was still alive. BUT YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!
It wasnt real, it was all a clever test for us. But i was so proud of all of us! WE passed!
MissVictoria gave us our mission briefing (Top Secret!) and we went to got pack up for tomorrow. we are leaving at dawn. I cant believe this will be my last night sleeping in this rickety old bunk. I’m almost too excited to pack. ok, i should stop now so i can make sure brit and sass have everything they need. GOOD NIGHT!!!!



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