Miss Victoria's School for Girls

Blood, bugs, and unexpected travel

Thankfully, just as the cultists spotted us, Grontina and Shen appeared scaling down the walls, weapons and coffee cups in hand. Waknona somehow vanished, but we didn’t even need her stabby abilities, because Grontina cut a bloody path through them, and Shen created a wind wall that pulped about 6 of them. One of the remaining ones (Jeffrey) must have been a ninja or something, because nobody could hit him, but finally we killed all his friends and he surrendered.

Not even a minute later, a bunch of bullywogs stormed into the bloody room. They zoomed past us through another door, and the surrendered cultist said they were probably going down to warn Farblex. Shen ran ahead and shut the door on some gross noises she heard, but then Tina knocked it down to find a room full of bugs! Ugh! Shen was having none of that, so she wind walled the crap out of the room until it was basically a centipede smoothie, and then she and Grontina were ready for a nap, so we took a short rest to the tune of Enya’s “Sail Away”.

After our disco nap, we went downstairs, making sounds like bullywogs all the way. We got to the bottom where there was a stinky pool, so of course Sassay immediately climbed into the hole the stink water was coming out of and let us into a cave where the ground bitch-slapped her in the face. We laughed at her and then killed whatever it was, and got some gorgeous gemstones for our trouble. I really need to re-open my etsy shoppe and sell some jewelry. We head back to the main cavern, down a set of misty stairs, lowered ourselves in a winch, and then turned right into a room where we found a big stone ring like in the picture we found. Anastasia foolishly decided to say “Brassiere” and we suddenly found ourselves outside in a wooded valley! We can’t get back using the word, but maybe we should check out that house on the hill…



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