Miss Victoria's School for Girls

Damn, these dragon people have nice stuff

Tallis sounded pretty evil and was trying to convince us to leave and sabotage her rival Reznir’s treasure truck. Shen apparently knew her from when they were kids, so she tried to chat with her, but Grontina got bored with that and stabbed her pet troll in the wang. It was pretty freaky, but then what was more freaky was when Sassay crushed a bloody chicken heart in her hand and freaked Brittanya, Waknowna, and most of the bad guys the fuck out. It was creepy, ok?

We eventually got over it and fried the troll. Tallis jumped out the window and got away, and the guards surrendered. We took their stuff, including a fancy wolf skin cloak, +1 chainmail, and a really awesome wand of winter. We found a room with amazing dragon tapestries depicting different dragons in different environments, including black and white dragons in a swamp, so we thought they might depict reality. In another room, we found a magic spear named Dragongleam, which when you say “Tiamat shines brightly” it casts daylight.

Downstairs, there were a lot of parlors. In one, a suit of armor attacked us and made black tentacles crawl up our legs. We killed it and discovered that the tapestry near it was a portal. We also found an arrow-catching shield. And finally, we found the linen closet where we found the dragon banner that will help us get into town. And there was a room where kobolds had clearly been hanging out. Where they are now, nobody knows. The people we saved talked about a red wizard that passed through recently, and that there’s some kind of army in the Sunset Mountains. Also Tallis was talking about Glazhael the Cloud Chaser – maybe it’s a dragon?

Rezmir is apparently at Skyreach castle, which is supposed to be near the town of Parnest, though nobody there knows about it. So I guess that’s where we’re going next.



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