Miss Victoria's School for Girls

I think this place is trying to kill us.

Upon arriving in this strange and mysterious place, we set about exploring. Brit noticed that the pylons where they arrived said “Unquiet swamp of mournful croaking” in an ancient elvish dialect. There were a couple of other sets of pylons, but we couldn’t read what they said. We figured they might be portals to other places.

Then we approached the house, which looked like it might have seen a recent visit from something dragon-y? Then when we went in, we got attacked by some gargoyles. They started to beat up on Sassay pretty bad, but we took them out and then headed back out to the forest to take a rest before fighting anything else. There was some armor in there, but it didn’t look very good, so we left it behind.

After we set up camp, some asshole fraternity trolls tried to wake us up and party with us, so I set them on fire. They didn’t like that and came over and beat the crap out of me. I must have passed out for a second, because I thought for a moment that Waknona actually hit something. The stupid trolls wouldn’t die until we threw them into the fire, so we did, and finally got some damn rest.

The next morning, we made another run at the chalet, this time by the back door. We looked in a window and saw that there were some cooks in cultist robes in there, so we put most of them to sleep, opened another door and found some more people, put them to sleep too, and then questioned one of them. His name was Angrath the groomsman (formerly the huntsman) and he told us that we were in the Greypeak Mountains about a day’s ride from Parnest. He warned us about the lady of the house, Tallis the White, who is a dragon fanatic. Her right hand troll is Trepsin, who has four arms and is her hunt master. There were also Gaston the butler and Linda the housemaid. He said to make sure if we go to Parnest to bring the Dragon banner. He also told us that there were prisoners in the basement, so we went down there next.

There were three of them, a male human named Brother Camran, who was the priest in Parnest, a dwarf named Kragnor who was investigating a mine in the nearby mountains, and a beat up human female named Myrcella who apparently saw too much in the back room in the Parnest Inn. The dwarf was lying, so Caeman told us he was being questioned about Varram the White. Grontina made a zone of truth, but Kragnor was veeeerrrry cagey still, so we decided to leave him chained up but we released the other two and sent them up to guard the room full of cultists. We also found what looked to be a set of magic torturer’s tools. Creepy.

We went upstairs to check things out and almost immediately found Tallis, Trepsin, and 3 more guards. Tallis said that she considered us her guests and hoped we could do business…



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