Miss Victoria's School for Girls

Omigod you guys

We rest up before making the hike to Parnast. Shen became a horse, and Sassay, Waknowna, and Anastasia rode her, while Britanya had to ride with Grontina on her steed.

We get into town and sort of poorly bluff the guards, forgetting that we have a dragon banner to show them. The locals tell us that they never go into the fog, which is where the castle presumably is. Captain Othelstan is apparently busy, so we go in to the sad little tavern. We chatted with some locals for a bit, and the Captain came in. We thought we bluffed him but good, but then when he led us outside there were a whoooooooole bunch of cultists out there waiting to kill us.

It took some doing, but we killed them. And Brittanya found some very compelling loot on one of the bodies…

And then there was a big rumbling noise and a ice castle popped out of the fog and flew away. What the heck was that about?



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