Miss Victoria's School for Girls

Save the Statue!

At the top of the stairs was a really swanky office with these humongous onyx dragons. Probably worth a fortune. But then these jerks saw us and didn’t believe we belonged there. So we had to kill them. Unfortunately, one got away and sounded the alarm, so we barricaded the staircase and kept going up. Anastasia found a drawing of a ring labeled ‘Draezir’ which she seemed to think was important or something.

In a nearby bedroom, Grontina opened a wardrobe with a dragon carving on it, which immediately bathed the entire room in disgusting-smelling acid that burned everyone and everything in the room. Fortunately I was smart enough to be standing far far away from that mess. Then we opened a chest that had this beautiful dragon statue made of real black dragon scales and rubies and diamonds (worth 4800 gold if we can get it back in one piece; 1200 if not), lying on a bed of 1000 gold pieces. So much shiny.

We found a room with nothing in it but a wall painting of Tiamat. We tried everything to get it to be a secret passage, but no luck. We had to get out the way we came in. We went back down the steps, collecting some books and pulling apart the barricade we created. When we opened the front door, we got instantly fireballed. And some lame elf-guy told us we needed to lay down our weapons or get killed. He had about 30 people with him, so it was a credible threat. We hemmed and hawed a bit, and closed the door, which they took to mean we weren’t surrendering. So they started to burn the tower down. Fuuuuuu.

We thought about shrinking ourselves to fit through the arrow slits, but Grontina decided to make the hole bigger instead. We sent our captive cultists through first (Grontina insisted) and then all went out the hole…

…into the crocodile-infested moat. Crap. Grontina and Anastasia got surrounded by reptiles, so I had to do the unthinkable. I dropped the gorgeous statue into the moat and hasted them. We got away (all except the hot guard captive) and sprinted past the gatehouse full of bullywogs and down a path through the swamp, where we at least got a short rest before trying to make our way back to the warded road.



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