Miss Victoria's School for Girls

The castle of the frog prince

I was in the middle of a beautiful dream about a prince asking me to marry him when I suddenly felt a chill and woke up to find that half the camp was surrounded by a huge black dragon! He said his name was Voaraghamanthar. He said that the annoying zombies walking around were messing with the balance of the swamp, and he wanted us to help. And a filthy half-elf – Draomar Borngrey – has an onyx dragon scale ring of his. He thought Valgrex was their bullywug shaman and Rezmir was someone too. We’re supposed to give the ring to Snapjaw the lizard man. He gave us a dragon scale amulet and pointed us along the path warded by the lizard folk shaman. It was kind of weird making a deal with a black dragon, but we were going to try to kill those cultists anyway.

The other annoying thing is that something went off with my mage armor spell this morning, and it made me shrink! Now my robe is too big and everything is awful.

We followed the path to the castle, but of course there was a whole settlement of frog people with some lizard folk in tow. We decided to creep around to the side, water walk across the moat, and scale the wall, which worked well except that apparently everyone skipped that day in PE and nobody but me and Waknona knew how to scale a rope. We crept across the wall until Waknona stepped into a spider’s nest. It took a while, but we killed them, and got their whopping 17 copper. We rested until everyone didn’t feel so crappy from spider poison, and then dropped down inside. We rummaged around awhile until we found what looked like it used to be the arsenal, where Anastasia found three bundles: one had a bunch of spears in it, one had a bunch of swords and maces and stuff, and one the third had smaller weapons like daggers and darts and such. Nobody had detect magic, but a dagger and a shortsword looked interesting, so I grabbed them.

We went downstairs into what was clearly the forge, where we found a bunch of lizard folk crafting crappy weapons. We dropped Voaragamanthar’s name and showed them the scale, and thankfully one of them spoke orcish, so we managed to communicate that we were friendly and anti-frog people. They gave us a little info and pointed us toward the ‘half-breed’, which we assume is the half-elf we need to find and kill. We put on the dragon cultist robes we thankfully had stashed in our pockets, and strode purposely through the courtyard, past the altar to lizard-Tiamat, up the stairs through the library and into Area 3L.



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