Once an independent city, Elturel now serves as the capital of Elturgard. The city is ruled by the High Overseer of Torm who makes certain that the city is run efficiently and that the area surrounding the city remains safe.

The city is situated atop a cliff, dominating the River Chionthar.

Elturel is the farming center of the Fields of the Dead and thrives on the trade that passes through its domain. It is guarded by an elite group of 200 mounted warriors known as the Hellriders.

A shining orb known as Amaunator’s Gift hangs over the city, although some question whether or not this is truly a blessing of Amaunator. The orb produces light that is painful to undead, and can be seen from virtually anywhere within Elturgard.

Amaunator (pronounced ah-MAWN-ah-tor) is the Netherese solar deity of order, the sun, law, and time. He is viewed as a harsh but fair deity, revered by many rulers, soldiers and powerful wizards. It’s not widely known that following the Spellplague it was revealed that Lathander, our god of the sun, is an aspect of the long-dormant Amaunator. Today both of his aspects are worshipped by people who may or may not realize they are one and the same.



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