Miss Victoria

Miss Victoria is the epitome of the stern matriarch presiding over her "family" of girls.


Miss Victoria wears her hair up with a stylish hat, and has the face of a noble, with a strong jaw and a prominent nose. Yet, her brow is lined and skin shows the ravages of age. Her countenance, while stern, exudes a hard-won wisdom. Her rare smiles are to be treasured, most often triggered by pride in the achievements of her girls.

She is impeccably attired in the latest fashion of the day for well-born ladies, so long as those fashions tend toward proper full-length dresses and hats. She tends to favor purple and somber colors. The school’s crest, wrought in an elegant cameo-style brooch, is pinned at either the neck of a high-necked gown, on her hat, or somewhere on her breast. She often has a large leather-bound tome clutched in one arm.


Miss Victoria, Headmistress

It is through stern discipline that Miss Victoria believes she is shaping her girls into a force for good in the world. She loves her girls more than life and will protect them like a mother bear, a frightful demon-like mother bear who can hurl devastating spells. …or so the rumors say about that one time many, many years ago when an armed party of bandits dared to attack the school because they thought it would be easy prey.   

As a disciplinarian, Miss Victoria sits in judgement over pupils who commit major infractions of the school’s rules, but other than minor social rebukes (as described below) she never disciplines students directly. Major disciplinary actions are delegated to whichever school instructor is assigned as the perpetrator’s mentor.


Miss Victoria, Retired Adventurer

It is widely known that Miss Victoria founded her school on the fees and treasures of a successful adventuring career. She doesn’t speak openly of her previous career, and wildly varying rumors speculate on the dire nature of the event that saw her “retiring” to the Headmistress’s role.

Miss Victoria is an accomplished arcane spell caster, though she doesn’t often display these skills in public. If pressed on the point, she will point out, “It’s simply gauche to display one’s extraordinary skills under less-than-extraordinary circumstances.” Girls who have attempted to glean more information by practicing their Detect Magic cantrips in her presence are quickly disabused of this notion by a quick rap on the ear (sometimes from a distance by an invisible force) and a scolding, “One does not cast spells upon someone without their permission in a social setting! You would do well to remember that such an act might be considered as tacit permission for the target of your spell to return the favor. You might receive something far less pleasant than a rap upon the ear the next time you engage in such rude behavior.”

Further fuel for the rumor mill, Miss Victoria occasionally receives an eclectic array of visitors, presumably former adventuring companions. These visitors are typically quickly ushered into Miss Victoria’s private residence and rarely seen again before their departure, anytime from later that same day to a few days later. A favorite subject of whispered gossip amongst her girls is the exact nature of these visitors and their relationship with the Headmistress.

Other-Worldly Comparisons

Miss Victoria is the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey + a dash of the stern but nurturing Prof McGonagall from Harry Potter + a uniquely Miss Victoria set of, shall we say, eccentricities.

Miss Victoria

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