Miss Victoria's School for Girls

Head like a hole, black as my soul

We continued exploring the floating ice castle. We found a bunch of those Dragon Cultist crates, but when we tried to open them, Rezmir came out! Turns out she was a dragon born! And then mages and gargoyles popped out of every orifice in the castle! We killed Rezmir and the gargoyle, but the arcane types were sneaky. One turned out to be an illusion, and the other walked into another room that had a wall open to the open air which then suddenly reappeared. We couldn’t figure it out.

Then Shen stepped on a rug that enveloped her and almost smothered her. She eventually dispelled whatever magic was on it, and then we struck up a conversation with Rezmir’s sword, who was actually kind of a brat.

Inside a chest we found a bunch of stuff: a gold necklace with peridot stones (400 gp), silver torque (200 gp), 6 moonstones (50 gp each), set of 20 loose pearls (3000 gp), 600 sp, 200 gp, 50 pp. Also there was a big depression in the chest that looks like there used to be something big and heavy there. The sword was a sentient neutral evil great sword (+1, deals 1d6 necrotic, also probably does more cool stuff if you attune), and an insignia of claws (it empowers your natural weapons). But we’d have to put it on Shen after she turned into an animal. We find three casks – one of cinnamon, one of nutmeg, and one of pepper. We also find a tome in a language we can’t understand that had some creepy demony kinky illustrations in it, as well as an illustration of a dragon with 5 heads and a summoning circle. Lots of letters and journal stuff in Rezmir’s chamber – some references to collecting the masks at the Well of Dragons. Rezmir was in possession of the Black Dragon mask, and she was supposed to report to the Well with mask and treasure. And scrolls! Dimension Door, Fireball, Feather Fall. And letters addressed to Rath Modar. There’s a connection between the Red Wizards of Thay and the Dragon Cultists. The letters were signed by Severin. Also some other letters that make it sound like not all the Red Wizards are happy about the alliance.

We rested, and had to unmagic the door to get back out, so we did. In the other room, every time we touched the one wall, it disappeared, and was exposed to the elements. There was a platform out there that looked like you could park a wyvern or a helicopter on it. So yeah, who knows if that mask is still on this boat.



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