Character Creation Guidelines


You are a girl, or at least you identified and presented yourself as a girl when you were invited to attend Miss Victoria’s. Your adventure begins a few days before graduation from Miss Victoria’s, and that means most of you will be in your late teens.

High School Fantasy Dramedy

Have fun contemplating your favorite high school or girls’ school archetypes and tropes, how you want to put your own spin on them or even completely turn them on their heads, and how you will adapt them to a medieval fantasy setting. A little anachronism is fine. That’s part and parcel of medieval fantasy. Miss Victoria’s is, after all, injecting modern feminist principles into this world. Just be careful not to push the campaign into the realm of farcical. The storyline of this campaign is still quite serious. The goal is to create a Buffy-esque feel within a medieval fantasy world. When in doubt, consult your DM.


Character Concept Advice & Warnings

Do not to get your heart set on a particular concept until you’ve had a chance to discuss party roles as a group.

Keep you concept simple and consider which aspects of yourself overlap with your concept. Don’t build something so far from yourself that it is difficult to get into character. Playing close to an archetype/stereotype can be a lot of fun and doesn’t leave you pondering your character’s complex motivations at every turn. The goal is to have some escapist fun, so you might also consider what sort of character will give you the most enjoyable break from your real life. Playing “Raven, the depressive goth chick” may not be the best choice if you’re struggling with depressing events IRL.

The campaign you will be playing is not hack-and-slash. There will be plenty of opportunities for combat, but there will also be real, honest-to-the-gods opportunities for TPK (total party kill) if you rush in with spells blazing without doing reconnaissance, research, and strategizing first. You should consider this in your character concept. “Brash and bold” is still fine as a character concept as long as it is not paired with “reckless and stupid.”

As a general rule, you should build a character that has a believable set of strengths, flaws, and quirks that would actually lead them to a successful life as an adventurer. If you are thinking of building a difficult-to-deal-with character, check this with your fellow players first. Do not force them to babysit your character. If you do, you may find yourself without a party behind you in a sticky situation, and I’m going to have to figure out how to work your new character into the storyline.


Your Background is your story leading up to Miss Victoria’s as well as any stories you wish to make up about your time at the school. Background is also an official facet of character creation (described in the Player’s Handbook), and there are no limits placed on your selection. You may have any sort of background you wish prior to attending Miss Victoria’s, be it tragic or idyllic. You may have been wary of attending the school and uncertain of what it meant at first, but over time you have come to love the school and feel at home there.


Depending on the character class you choose, you may also have a mentor at Miss Victoria’s with whom you have a deeper connection. Most of these class mentors have not been detailed, so you are likely able to work with the DM make up your own. Check with the DM after you’ve selected your character class to get this process started.


Bonds are another official facet of character creation (described in the Player’s Handbook). When it comes time to identify your character bonds something like this must be one of them: “I strive to live up to the ideals that Miss Victoria’s school for girls has instilled in me and seek to make the world a better place.” You may rewrite this, maintaining its original spirit, to make it fit your own story.

You are also encouraged to create one or more additional bonds if they fit your background and character history. Do you have living parents and family somewhere that you still care about? Was there some seminal moment in your Background that set you on a path of becoming a community leader and force for good, and are there any Bonds that represent this?


alignment_campaign.pngAs you might imagine, the setting constraints above also place some limitations on your choice of alignment as well. Approved alignments: LG, CG, NG, LN, or N. Anything beyond these alignments must be negotiated with the DM.

Ability Score Generation

By now you might be wondering which method we’re going to use to generate ability scores. Choose one of the following sets of scores and distribute them amongst your abilities as you wish. 10 is an average human score, so you might notice that you are a generally above average. You are not a normal person that adventure has been thrust upon. You were practically (or literally if you want to be meta) made to be an adventurer!

  • 10, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15
  • 10, 10, 10, 13, 14, 16
  • 10, 10, 10, 11, 16, 16

Also note…

  1. Racial modifiers are applied after you and distribute these ability scores, but a first-level character may not have any one ability higher than 18, even after racial bonuses are applied, so consider your racial bonuses in your initial distribution.
  2. At certain character levels, depending on the character class(es) you choose, you will have the opportunity to raise one or two stats by a point or two.

Character Creation Guidelines

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