Welcome to Miss Victoria’s School for (Adventuring) Girls.

Miss Victoria’s School for Girls is one of Faerûn’s most prestigious academies for the education and betterment of young women. Miss Victoria believes that women are generally more level-headed and progressive than men and therefore better suited to leadership. Some might critique the school’s rather aggressive feminist politics, but the large portion of the women graduating from Miss Victoria’s and moving into influential positions of power across Faerûn are doing their part to slowly shift the dominant cultural paradigm.

Miss Victoria hosts girls of many well-known families, but she also offers scholarships to well-deserving girls whose families might not otherwise be able to afford such a prestigious school. You girls, of course, are a cut above most of her students. You’ve been selected for special lessons that are preparing you for a much more interesting and adventurous life than your fellow students. Oddly, it would seem that most of the girls on scholarship end up in these special lessons.

Miss Victoria herself greets every girl on her arrival, but otherwise has little interaction with the majority of girls at her school. She presides over all general assemblies, but only a very few girls who show some leanings toward a particular brand of magic are taken under her direct tutelage. To everyone else, she is a fearsome but well-meaning head mistress whose office you hope to never visit.


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Miss Victoria's School for Girls

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