Miss Victoria's School for Girls


It will be ok, Shen, we can do this.

I swear to Mielikki. i have no idea how we’ve gotten ourselves so deep into this mess.
today really made me question if what I’m doing here is for the best. I just dont know, so much has happened today. we woke up to them hanging the cultists that were captured and i could just feel my stomach drop watching it all. I’ve tried to stay calm today but that feeling never really left. I still don’t quite understand why they need use to follow an army, but the group decided it was the best coarse of action to find ‘whats his name monk’…. gods, i am soo rattled right now, i cant even think straight.
Im just so scared. so long story short, we tried to ambush a scouting trope, that barely worked, but then we were ambushed ourselves, i wonder sometimes what missVictoria was thinking when she put this team together. i worry about us. i never expected any thing like this when Nana told me stories about her adventures. ………… i miss you Nana. i’m starting to understand what she meant about wild shape, its just so. free. i love the lithe feel of the wind on my fur, running free though the grass. its so easy to lose yourself to the animal instincts. i worry sometimes about the puma. i get so caught up in the moment i will just blink back to Shen and realize i just snapped a man’s neck with my jaws. its all just so natural i forget how horrendous it all is. and then as i was running back to camp everything just fell to SH*T! Brti brit told me she walked away to catch her breath when Tina just flat out womped on her with the GUARD!
Brit just about lost it and all our nerves are just shot. i tried to get everyone to just calm down and get some rest and then Sassy just completely screaming at me out of nowhere.
it was just a joke, ugh, last time i try to lighten the mood. i got brit and tina away and reasonably calm so i guess thats good. but i just want to go home. ok, tomorrow will be better, we can do this. i just hope brit brit just doesnt try to ray of frost tina while we sleep.



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