Miss Victoria's School for Girls

*(*(* Greeentown *)*)*

Like. Seriously. A dragon. Our first day out and a I shit you not. A dragon. Soooooo we were tracking that monk dude Miss Victoria asked us to, and I saw the town up ahead and a huge f*ING blue dragon!!!!

So, we snuck into town vias the river. Oh, it was so funny that Sassy was able to convince Miss Tina to let her ride on her shoulders. She looked like a proper toddler princess up there!
When we made it to town it was just sick with these little lizerd folk. Reeel nasty like, too. So, we saved some towne folks and got everyone safely into the keep. And then they were all like, “Oooh we cant do anything for oursleves. Can you do our job and save the rest of the town?” Ugh. men.

So, we did. The secret tunnel was hella nasty. Britbrit nearly popped a blood vessel. We had a close shave, but we got everyone back from the temple. Because, like, more lizerds! And like I dunno, dinosaurs? Who’d guess. But the townsfolks are safe. Ish. I’m going to bed now. NIGHT! <3



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