Miss Victoria's School for Girls

An Invitation

…an excerpt from your past…

You are given a parchment envelope sealed in wax with an elaborate “V” signet you’ve never seen before. This might have been given to you by your parents, the mistress of your orphanage, or delivered via messenger, whatever is appropriate to your background.Crest_Motto.png

Dearest [Your Name Here],

Your [insert actions or scholarly achievements] at [insert school or local community here] have brought you to the attention of Miss Victoria’s School for Girls, and you’ve been selected for a very prestigious honor. Miss Victoria’s school motto is, “versvesh aesthyri ihk vi desta treskri.” If you don’t speak Draconic, that roughly translates as, “strong women build a better world.” We believe that strong woman whose destiny is to reshape this world is within you, and we want to help you reach that potential.

Should you choose to join us, this fall you will begin your education at our school in the scenic pastoral regions just outside of Berdusk. We’ve arranged for your continued tutelage and education in [insert scholastic pursuit and/or crafts of interest], and intend to see to it that after graduation you are set up to achieve great things in [your home region], The Sword Coast, or perhaps even beyond.

We’re confident that you’re the type of girl who will recognize this opportunity as one worth seizing, and we’ve already made arrangements for your transport to the school via carriage traveling with a well-guarded merchant caravan. You will depart on the Autumnal Equinox, the 23rd day of Eleint. We look forward to making your acquaintance in person in a few short months.

Yours Truly,
Miss Victoria
It would seem that you’ve been given a most interesting opportunity. Are you woman enough to embrace it?


I have a small question I think, and possibly I am just failing the Reading Comprehension Exam here. The invitation that we received (or did we receive it many years ago?) is as if we were about to start attending Miss Victoria’s School (which would help in-game with us not knowing each other yet), but the character creation page says that we are about to graduate from Miss Victoria’s. I guess I don’t really need to know which it is to think about my character, but at some point clarification would be super(b).

An Invitation

I’ve added a line at the beginning of this entry, “an excerpt from your past.” The character creation page is correct. You are about to graduate. During our character creation work session we will discuss the ramifications and maybe (?) get into a little roleplay to establish roles. I did also change my original plan so that there will be a wee bit of roleplay before you leave the academy to hopefully begin to solidify your roles before you “hit the road.”

An Invitation

My main point in creating this first adventure log entry was to help set up the sort of the sort of person Miss Victoria’s invites to her academy, narratively shaping your character creation toward the guidelines I set up in the character creation section.

An Invitation

It may also be worth noting that I would love someone to volunteer to do “Dear Diary” updates to the adventure log every time we stop for a long rest. ;)

An Invitation

Dear Diary,
today I saw a butterfly.
After we defeated it and it’s spawn, we divided up the loot and had a light lunch.
My salad had a tangy kick with the berries that Moni’ka added.
Kai’te is getting on everyone’s nerves.

An Invitation

^ Yaaassssss ^

An Invitation

So. Wet.

An Invitation

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