Miss Victoria's School for Girls

It all began with the arrival of five boys

(19 Oct 2014)

Dear Diary,

So much has happened in the last day or so, and not just because it was graduation. Here are the things wot I scribbled:

Was there even life before the arrival of the boys? Who knows. What’s important is that there were FIVE boys, each with a different colored belt and wearing medallions.
Half-elf named Nessum (hello dreamboat)
Half-orc named Hern
Halfling named Maximillion
Two humans named Beauregard and Tannler

They are from the Monastary of the Silver Moon, and came with a senior Monk named Leosin (half-elf). Leosin is an accomplished scholar, which gets him into trouble sometimes. He is obsessed with researching some cult. After meeting with the elder council (no result there) he gathered up his novices (see above) and set out on his own. The novices assume he is hear to ask for Miss Victoria’s help. They’ve never seen Leosin without his dragon-headed pendant before, but he took it off for this visit.

Bits of dialogue:
Leosin expected Victoria to understand.
V: “Our own mission is too important.” “Cannot risk the danger.” “…learn [your] fears are unfounded.”

Grontina has “tingles.” Might need to see if there is an herbal supplement for this.

During graduation, it was almost as if Miss Victoria was speaking directly to me INSIDE MY HEAD. Later, Grontina and I met up with the others outside of MV’s quarters and we had a terrific head-on collision with some elementals, which were fierce, but we were fabulous and carried the day.

We are now to go ONWARD to the nearby town of Greenest, to try to follow the five (5) boys and Leosin to see if we could provide assistance, not in the name of MV but just kind of on our own and helping out a bit in our own way. Because deniability. Since Leosin’s visit, MV has confirmed he may have stumbled across something dangerous, but cannot put school in danger, etc. etc. there were more words here zzzz. We five have graduated, we’re at loose (not split) ends, free to pursue adventure. MV now referring to novices as acolytes which makes me wonder why we even use words if we aren’t going to be consistent. Covert gratitude and support from MV to be expected, any basic supplies, here we go.


Blue dragon, Greenest on fire, maybe some lizard people? Hard to tell from here. We will go closer to see, because that totally makes sense.

There are kobolds and then there are winged kobolds. We semi-rescued a human mother named LInann and her husband, Cuff, with some kids. Linann says the dragon has been focused on The Keep (her caps, not mine), and that The Keep is the only safe place in town and thus we should get there before they close the gates. Great, we’re running directly into danger again, I’m sure Grontina will be moist.



Lovely. Thanks for making the extra effort on this, Kynthia!


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