Miss Victoria's School for Girls

Run of the Mill

Dear Diary,

Apparently the town of Greenest can’t go 20 minutes without someone needing a damn rescue. And since we appear to be the only competent people in a 10 mile radius, of course it’s up to us to do the rescuing.

This time, it was the mill and the poor miller. So we went to check it out and there were a bunch of freaky acolytes doing their freaky chanty thing. We were all like “Oh, we totally got this,” so we ran right in but then wouldn’t you know there were a bunch of stupid guards hidden up in the rafters that jumped down and started hitting us. Sassay went down in like two seconds. No surprise there. And it’s not my fault I put Shen to sleep. I was aiming for all the stupid cultists and she got in the way! Anyway, she looked tired! She probably needed the rest.

We finally took down all the jerk faces and then there was suddenly like this big booming voice from outside challenging us to a duel. Those cultists guys were holding a bunch of townsfolk captive with knives to their throats to ensure that we didn’t cheat on the duel. As if. We’re the good guys, right? Of course Grontina got all excited and was like, “Yea, verily, a duel! I doth accepteth!” And then this scary looking dragon dude just immediately stomped her. Grontina looked so disappointed in herself! It was actually pretty funny.

But then they all just… left? They pushed the townsfolk they’d been holding to the ground, the big Dragon dude bowed toward Grontina (though I don’t know why since she was totally unconscious), and then they all walked away. I don’t know, it was weird. And some lady, one of the townsfolk we rescued, gave us a gemstone that apparently has been in her family for generations. It wasn’t very pretty, but it has magical properties, so I guess we’ll hold onto it.

DM Note: Brittanya has failed to mention that upon return was a discussion with Governor Nighthill and Escobert the Red. Since it will be several days until any significant military help will be able to reach the town, they’ve asked the girls to follow the withdrawing forces and find out whatever they can that might help with a larger military operation later.

And OMG OMG OMGGGGGG! I almost forgot to say! The boys are heeeeeeeeere! I was super sick of this town, but now that there are boys again, we can make this work. Thank GOD for prestidigitation.

DM Note: Brittanya also failed to mention that the boys were very distraught over their missing mentor, Leosin Erlanthar. All they found were signs of a scuffle and the amulet he’d been wearing. The girls investigated the monk’s last known whereabouts but found nothing significant at that location. With further discussion is was surmised that either the monk had been taken captive or possibly gone undercover to further investigate the cult he’s so obviously obsessed with. The girls tried to convince the boys to come with them on their investigation of the cult/bandits withdrawal, but they were firm that Leoson’s last directive was that should he disappear they must return to the monastery and report on all that has happened thus far.

DM Note: …and then there was resting and sleeps to be had before the next morning’s events as the girls and boys made ready their departure in opposite directions…

I guess there aren’t a lot of normal kid activities to do in monk school or whatever, because the boys took us out on the weirdest [breakfast?] date ever to go watch a group of the cultists get hanged. Not very romantic, I know, but actually weirdly a little hot. Right before they took the plunge, one of them yelled “For the Horde of the Dragon Queen!” Not the last words I would’ve chosen, but it was very dramatic and ominous.



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