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Skin of Our Teeth

Wherein we make several terrible plans, then abandon them

Dearest Miss Victoria,

I could use your advice, as my thoughts are all in a jumble. We accomplished something good today, but I remain vexed.

Continuing our quest to help the people of Greenest, we followed the dragon army to their secluded mesa headquarters. There had been some harsh words and actions among our party after an excessively trying day, so we all got a good night’s sleep before setting out on a rescue operation.

Oh, you would be proud of us, I think! Shen very neatly scouted the enemy fortifications in her animal form, and together, the group of us devised a plan to infiltrate the enemy camp using the badges we’d liberated from some of those naughty bandits. We posed as bandits ourselves! We had to talk Shen out of disguising herself as a horse. That girl loves to shape-change! I suppose I can’t blame her. The other girls disguised me as a boy. Nobody saw through my disguise. I was a little disappointed.

And oh, my goodness! I can’t believe those silly bandits actually fell for our ruse! Sassay and Brittania are really very good at tricking stupid boys.

But we faced such danger! Enemies on every side! Somewhere nearby, there was a half-dragon champion who’d soundly thrashed me in combat just days before. I shiver to imagine facing him again. Sassay braved the masses of kobolds, mercenaries, and cultists to discover the location of Master Leosin. If only I could blend into a crowd so well.

Miss Victoria, Leosin had been enslaved and tortured! I’ve rarely been so angry in my whole life, not even at Brit-Brit after you-know-what! The girls put their heads together and came up with a plan to replace some of the guards on the slave tent.

Yes, you read that properly: a slave tent! The stupid dragon army had taken helpless people – people with homes and families! – captive! One of them had just died, and his corpse was to have been fed to drakes! We intercepted an order to remove the body, and replaced the guards who were going to do it.

Kynthia, Brit-Brit, and I bluffed our way into the tent, where we found Leosin! Oh, he was in a state! We gave him a healing potion and set about releasing him. It was clear to me, though, that our duty went further. The tent was filled with other slaves. We had to rescue them!

While the three of us tried to make a plan, Shen and Sassay were doing their best to keep us undiscovered. They apparently succeeded, as Brit-Brit was able to use her “charm” to trick a guard into an ambush inside the tent. And then another guard! This led me to believe that these dragon cultists can’t be too bright… although now that I’ve written that down, I suppose that’s a redundant concept, isn’t it?

What happened next, though… Brit-Brit cast a sleep spell as we were planning our escape, but something queer happened! The tent exploded into flame! Miss Victoria, is this normal for a sorcerer? I’ve been too shy to ask.

Suddenly, the group of us had no more time to plan, only to act. I did my best to slice a hole in the top of the tent, hoping it would fall away harmlessly. That… didn’t quite work as I’d intended. Brit-Brit managed to put a guard to sleep, but a second ran for reinforcements.

Kynthia saved us. She didn’t even blink, she just stepped calmly out of the burning tent and cast a spell, stopping the man in his tracks. You’d have been so proud!

What happened next is what vexes me. I picked up Leosin and fled the tent, but I didn’t manage to evacuate the other prisoners. They were managing to flee on their own, but they didn’t have any real direction. I feared drawing more attention to us, for we were in an enemy encampment, and we still needed to escape with Leosin before our enemies realized what we were about.

Brit-Brit cleverly started setting things on fire as we fled, hoping to create a distraction. I daresay it worked, although I don’t fully understand why she needed to shout, “I am become death, destroyer of worlds…!” as she did so. Is that also a sorcerer thing?

Sassay and Shen caught up with us, and we fled as a group. I don’t entirely know how we managed it, but I suppose that setting half the enemy camp on fire provided a moderately good distraction. Still, only a single escaped slave successfully followed us. I cannot help but wonder what happened to the other ones. Did they find freedom? Were they re-captured, so they still need our help?

I believe what we did was right. Each of us had to make difficult decisions under considerable pressure, and in this, we did our best. The other girls agreed with me about freeing the slaves, even BritBrit. We rescued Leosin to retrieve information that will later help a larger force take down the dragon army, and to make the boys happy.

Still, I’m unsatisfied that I couldn’t guarantee saving more. I must try harder, do better. I will do my very best to make you proud. It’s clear that we are facing a threat that could endanger all of Faerun.

I suppose my thoughts are more orderly, now. Nevertheless, I hope this letter finds you well. We miss the school, but we’re learning so much! I think I’ve almost worked out how Kynthia cast that spell.

Grontina Toots

P.S.: Please give Mr. Squiggles scritches for me.


Eloquently written! Grontina is such a charming young lady!

Skin of Our Teeth

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