Miss Victoria's School for Girls

There is a Castle on a Cloud (And it's filled with ogres)

Continuing our exploration of the castle, we walked into a room where there was a giant couple trying to cast some kind of augury spell. They hit hard, but we killed them. It took us forever to open the chest, in which we found some weird tools and gems worth 16,000 gp. Also a weird tuned cauldron that is clearly magical. We continued on to a fancy bedroom, then through the courtyard to a stable with wyverns in it, then around to the barracks where we apparently fought a bunch of soldiers. After a short rest, we headed upstairs to the top level of the castle. We find a bunk room full of terrified kobolds, and then some giant-sized bedrooms. Finally, we wander into a tower and trigger a bunch of ogre guards and their leader, Blag Othkus. We suddenly remembered how to hit things super hard, so we did that a bunch of times.

Britanya banished the cloud giant king, and while he was gone, Annie had a vision of an cloud giant woman crying and saying “He means well”, so when he came back Annie wanted to parlay with him. We did, and he told us that his wife’s spirit (Escarlotta) controls the ship, and took us to the jewel-encrusted control room, where these cool dwarves-ish runes were controlling the ship. We discussed an alliance, and Blagothkus agreed, so we steered the ship back to Miss Victoria’s and leveled to 8!



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